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0 The number of disposable razor blades per year are used and thrown away.

0 The number of men that use disposable razors in the United States.

Two billion disposable razor blades per year are used and thrown away… Additionally, shaving gel creates several other problems.  Their metal cans are often refused by recycling plants as they are under pressure.  These cans also contain polluting chemicals and gasses such as aerosol, propane, butane, isobutane and many others.

It is our goal to change the way you shave.  You and your household can make a difference in landfill shaving waste, save money, get a better shave and make a real difference.  A simple way to start is with a shaving brush and shaving soaps.  Once you’re comfortable with a brush and soap we encourage you to purchase a safety razor or straight razor.

Just what are you shaving with?  Maybe that burning irritation has something to do with the toxic chemicals found in your shaving gel cans?  Perhaps it comes from those inferior disposable blades…

Razor Waste


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